Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Mardi Gras Cycling Hose

Inspired by my last historic knit [Yachting Jersey], I decided to undertake another pattern from Weldon's Practical Knitter... the "Cycling Hose" from Volume 12 34th Series.  I chose this pattern because I was intrigued by the so-called "Plume Pattern," which is a fleur-de-lis pattern iconic in my former hometown of New Orleans.  The pattern calls for three yarn colors (navy, fawn, and light blue), which I changed to purple, green and gold... and though this pattern is decided English and not French, this easy substitution results in the PERFECT Mardi Gras costume stocking. 

[For information about yarn particulars/project notes, check my Ravelry Project Page HERE]

Isle of Mull Slouch

Traveling in Scotland with my middle son to the Irish Dance World Championships, I suddenly realized that I hadn’t packed ENOUGH YARN for all my nervous energy.  Had already completed a pair of socks and a hat on the flight from the US…so to Queen of Purls in Glasgow I went. Met the wonderful shopkeeper, Zoe, and acquired this lovely, lanolin-rich aran yarn from the Isle of Mull. Love the farm philosophy as they describe it...  " Ardalanish Farm lies in the remote south west corner of the Isle of Mull in the Inner Hebrides, extending west from the white sand of Ardalanish Bay. We rear native Kyloe Highland cattle and Hebridean sheep, and use the sheeps' wool for weaving our unique and distinctive tweeds.  Our farming practices represent our belief in the primary importance of understanding the land and its needs and allowing ecological relationships to develop with animals that are already co-evolved with the environment. We believe the balance achieved with these methods produces a quality and an ethical standard which reflects the conditions that nature bestowed in this unique Hebridean landscape."
You can read more about the yarn and farm HERE.

This hat was easy knit with nice result. I also love the story behind the pattern… “The Ertebolle hat is part of the Doggerland: Knits from a Lost Landscape collection. Doggerland consists of 8 patterns and is a collection of accessories inspired by a submerged landscape between Scandinavia and the UK. The collection uses motifs commonly found on artefacts from the Middle Stone Age and seeks to take you on a journey through landscapes of your own.”