Monday, March 5, 2012

Anatomic and Scientific Knits for Kids

My sons have grown beyond the age where I could dress them in anything I wish and now eschew sweaters altogether in favor of mass-produced sweatshirts.  How, then, to continue knitting for them without creating conflict at home and disappointment/rejection for me?  The answer lies in knitting to THEIR interests.  Luckily, the web is full of great ideas for projects kids would enjoy.  As my sons (like their physician parents) love science, my searches have found these delightful projects made by some incredibly talented knitters out there.  I hope you will find them as inspiring as I have...and maybe share some of your own science-knits!
Knit Skeleton,

Ben Cuevas'

"Transcending the Material, 2010"
"The Knitted Brain"
Karen Norberg
The Crafty Hedgehog.  Copyright 2007 Emily Stoneking
Christine Domanic, crochet lungs
New Zealand knitters' Knit the Period Table, in celebration of the International Year of Chemistry.

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