Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Mardi Gras Swap 2012: Part II

Well this year's swap was another delight.  Just when I thought I could not feel any more glum about being away from my beloved New Orleans for Mardi Gras, my swap package arrived ON THE HOLIDAY!.  I tore it open and found lots of goodies to delight...thanks, Criquette from Kansas, for making my day!

IMG_0044IMG_0041 First, she must have known of my love of cooking...AND of those crazy old traditional mixes to which New Orleaneans are faithful.  I got a treasure trove of mixes...and even made the Jambalaya on MG night! I put on CD she made of favorite home-town music and tossed the PGG Fleur-de-lis sprinkles on the lawn (would have been pretty on the snow...alas, no snow this year).

She made me some beautiful PGG stitch markers and packaged them along with this magnificent enormous glass bead fob in a pretty round box enticingly wrapped.

IMG_0039IMG_0040 This is an absolutely gorgeous skein of Mardi Gras yarn hand-dyed by my talented it! Most wonderful of all was the designed-and-hand-knit item...a scrumptious and soft Malabrigo cowl which I wore all Mardi Gras day. IMG_0036 It is festooned with sparkly psychedelic buttons...a real weakness of mine! IMG_3937 Thanks, Deborah, for organizing ANOTHER great Mardi Gras swap...and to Criquette, a kindred spirit displaced daughter of New Orleans. Happy Mardi Gras, all! IMG_3940

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Anonymous said...

I visited your blog just now and I'm inspired by it. I like how you are conscious about knitting and crafting for a reason and I just have to write a comment on how eyecatching is your Mardi Gras cowl, and I'm seriously thinking of making one myself. Have fun, Josipa.