Friday, July 29, 2011

On the importance of kids...any kids!

Remember having unlimited energy?  Remember doing headstands for an hour while watching the Love Boat and not calling it "yoga."  Remember playing tag or Red Rover and never trying to calculate how far your ran that day.  For most of us, those days are long gone...and with it the motivation to complete tasks that do not fall in to the "absolutely necessary otherwise I will end up homeless" category.  Just last month I was inspired by gathering with my friends to knit for a cause...a GREAT cause.  By this month my energy was already flagging.  I found myself repeatedly back-burnering the task of scheduling our next meeting.  Then, an amazing thing happened.  I threw a small summer cocktail party, and one of my younger guests (the daughter of a guest), told me of her interest in knitting.  She asked about my current projects and I told her about the Pine Street in knit-a-long.  Her eyes grew wide, her speech became more rapid, and before long she had me pulling out my schedule to ensure she would be available to join in on the date of our next meeting.  Her enthusiasm - which motivated her to knit 0.7 MILES of finger knitting -not only landed her in our local newspaper as she attempts to knit a World Record length, but also became an instant motivation for me. I must remember to borrow some kids when my own are no longer around.

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