Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Around the World ...Literally.


Three agonizing weeks of cold New England drizzle were at last broken yesterday, heralded by the arrival of my Around the World Swap package.  The sun broke through the clouds and the package broke through my gloom.  Even if my swap partner had not intended to send an Around the World themed package, it was inevitably so, since she is from Korea!

My swap partner, Dani, set the scene with a note describing my "Travel of Dream" journey.  In order to make the trip, I was instructed to utilize the preprogrammed teleportation compass (LOVE this idea).  Should I decide to write anyone about my journey, she enclosed beautiful handmade blank notes made from map paper.

IMG_3520IMG_3524Each region was individually wrapped in its own themed project bag...First in Vietnam where I helped a local woman who suffers from the effects of childhood polio regain control of her life by purchasing a lovely buddhist coin bookmark she made.  Then on to Korea, where, with the help of a very instructive book, I learn about the Korean art of tea.  She also enclosed a ceramic all-in-one cup/strainer and some gorgeous teas from the region to try, as well as some Manju (baked sweets with an indescribable taste and texture...mmmm)  I also pause in Bali to enjoy some journal-writing in this lovely handmade book.

IMG_3534IMG_3533The next bag was from India (Jaipur...and gorgeous!) contained a cookbook of great Indian simple dishes, as well as yummy snacks and fun knitting notions.

IMG_3531IMG_3528Finally on to Iceland where I will don my incredible new socks (!!! GORGEOUS!!!) and enjoy an evening of knitting with my special Lopi yarn (a kind we can't get in America) and basking in the midnight sun.  If I would like a bit of a challenge, I may try making the tour-de-force of multicolor knitting...Nightingale my new friend sent the pattern for these along as well  :-)

Thank you, Dani, for a perfectly tailored knitterly tour of all my favorite places!

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