Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Happy Mardi Gras!!

Best glove

Every once in a great while, a swapper is so inspired by either the theme or the recipient and goes hog wild.  When it happens, it puts the reciever in a bind, because posting all the gifts raises the bar for swappers in general.  Such was my enviable fate this year.
  The day had otherwise been a dreary, drizzly New England spring day and my outlook was as bleak as my environment.  When the postal worker delivered this box, everything changed:

First, my new BFF, Linda from Victoria BC, knit not one but THREE projects.  A fantastic pair of opera-length corseted gloves in a sparkly fantastic yarn, a more earthy cowl with a detachable beaded flower which I absolutely love, and finally, a super fun pair of Mardi Gras leg warmers.

glove metallic closeup

cowl with floret

Next to surprise and delight was not one but TWO skeins of incredible purple/green/yellow homespun (my heart is melting), as well as a skein of pretty green sparkly mohair, a green silke-tweed (like the cowl/floret) and two skeins of lucious "Ice"  yarn (so I can knit gloves to match my leg-warmers!). 

Knowing my passion for anything vintage, Linda included from here very own family collection (grandmother and mother were both crafters), these FABULOUS vintage beads.  I love them all.  I especially love that they are on their original cards...many of which are local to my swapper.  At the bottom of the box she included a Vogue Knitting magazine which featured vintage knitting patterns...LOVE!
vintage buttons

Next was the "Knitter's jewelry"...including not one but TWO sets of stitch markers, as well as two gorgeous fleur-de-lis pendants.
knit jewelry

Anyone who keeps up with my blog knows how I feel about figs...so she thrilled me again with a LUSH "fig and leaves" scented soap and these yummy fig preserves (perfect with cheese).
figgy stuff

Next up, a gorgeous pad of paper festooned with fleur-de-lis...and made even more captivating by the inclusion of tiny sparlkes right in the paper!  This will make keeping track of rows fun!
notepad sparkle paper

And last, but certainly not least, chocolates from her home of Victoria BC.   These come from what seems to be a very special place...Rogers' Chocolates, the oldest chocolatier in Victoria (established in 1885).  My samples were caramel and "Ice Wine" (a local specialty).  One taste of these convinced both my husband and I that we need to go for a visit without delay.
So, it looks as if I may get to meet my marvelous swap partner (whose generosity despite having never met me is awe-inspiring) in person one day soon!

Thank you, Linda, from the bottom of my heart.  This fantastic collection is truly in the spirit of Mardi Gras...it its excess, in its exhuberence, and in it's selflessness.  I hope you experienced the thrill of the float riders throwing all your treasures to your adoring crowd, as much as I enjoyed feeling the manna of your goodwill raining down.  Happy Mardi Gras, y'all!

Best collection

cowl-extracted Wearing it today...thanks, Linda. xoxoxox
Wearing it all day today, Linda.  Thanks and XOXOXOXO

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