Friday, December 3, 2010

The Quarter Stitch: A Dream in the Midst of Abundant Reality

It has always been a dream of mine to own and operate a little yarn store in New Orleans.  Imagine my surprise, then, when during a recent visit for my 44th birthday, I walked in to the very shop I had been envisioning as my own.  My dream made manifest is a LYS in the French Quarter called The Quarter Stitch Needlepoint. 
New Orleans-2010This tiny shop, tucked in the midst of the largely decadent French Quarter has enough personality to stand up to it's nefarious neighbors. 
IMG_0454No danger of finding school-marmish patrons with knittitude here!  This urban shop attracts the craftiest, most bohemian, and effusive visitors AND locals like a parade draws crowds.
IMG_0453 The space is high-ceilinged and weightless, festooned with trinkets from carnival, fleur-de-lis, and floating ornaments galore.  The owner has operated the shop continuously since 1969 and is as authentically New Orleanian as one can hope to find -simultaneously replete with both gracious manners and exuberant joie-de-vivre
IMG_0455Her yarn choices are insightful and nicely organized along one wall, though the walking space is strewn with  random assortments of glitzy novelty yarns in every color (concentrating on Purple, Green, and Gold - the traditional colors of  Mardi Gras) as though a yarn throwing float had just gone by...enchanting colorful chaos.  Quoting my beloved Mambocat on the subject, " This is a shop to indulge your inner magpie, people ... not your inner Granola Girl."   If you find yourself in the great city of New Orleans, be sure to drop by for a visit:  630 Chartres Street.

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