Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Any of you who are raising boys know that cute masculine imaginative play toys are hard to find...most transform into weapons of mass-destruction, or require that one then spend a small fortune on matching Japanese trading cards...where, oh where has Ken gone!

So it was with great joy that I came across a book in our local library entitled, "BUMPERBOY, and the Loud, Loud Mountain."  The story was, admittedly, an exciting and childlike way.  Bumperboy is a young boy who has adventures with his Bumperpup (who speaks Pictonese) by passing through space utilizing bubbles which allow them to pass through hidden Borp holes on their planet, Bubtopia.  Amidst their awesome adventures with strangely intriguing creatures such as talking mountains and tiny deaf tree stewards, Bumperboy and Bumperpup pass on important lessons such as how to utilize public libraries, the interconnectedness of creatures within an ecosystem, and why it's unhealthy to drink sugary softdrinks.  Bumperboy's author, Debbie Huey, illustrates her graphic novels with pared-down simplicity reminiscent of Japanese anime characters, and peppers the sparse text with witty kid-friendly slang and colloquialisms.

To my happy surprise, my then 4-year-old (now a 6-year-old-fan) could not get enough of Bumperboy.  Finding only one book at the library, I searched the web and found the authors website where I purchased a pamphlet on riding a bike and his (now well-worn) Bumperboy T-shirt.  Still not satisfied, I began combing the Author's blog in search of more material with which top satisfy my son's appetite for this character... and to my delight, she passed on instructions on how to craft your very own felted Bumperboy and Bumperpup!!!!!!!!!!!!

I had never needle felted anything before and was reluctant to take on the project...but so insistant was my son, than I eventually gave it a go and am sharing the result with you here.  Overall, the project took me only 2 hours!  Having spent countless hours perfecting my knitting stitches and techniques, it was almost insulting to learn that wool will hold form by holding onto other wool fibers encouraged only by poking it with a sharp special technique needed.

If you are interested in purchasing Bumperboy books or merchandise, follow this LINK to the author's webpage.  To purchase any of her books you can proceed directly to the Merchandise Page.  For her instructions on how to create your very own Bumperpup like the one she created here (with yellow faces), go HERE.  Happy Borping!

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