Thursday, February 11, 2010

Mardi Gras Hall of Shame Part 3: 2010

This year I have fewer yarn producers to slam...maybe because I have covered so many previous offenders already. I am hoping it is because people are beginning to understand that there is an official color code for Mardi there is for Christmas. For those new to the field...the official colors of Mardi Gras are: PURPLE (and for some a particular "K&B" Purple) which stands for Justice, GREEN which stands for Faith, and GOLD which stands for Power. Legend has it that these colors were chosen for LSU (which chose Purple and Gold) and Tulane (which chimed in with the Green). Regardless of the origins, we ALL can agree that this year the Purple, Green, and Gold go well with the Black and Gold of our we know that it is a combination of Justice, Faith, and Power which brought us all a Superbowl Victory.

So on with our business of the yearly Yarn Hall of Shame:

1) ROWAN yarn: Silky Tweed in Colorway 759, "Mardi Gras"...WTF...are you kidding me! They're English, they don't get it, cut them a break, but ...This is MUD!

2) Mardi Gras, by Lisa Souza. OK, I actually LOVE her yarn. Her "Pansy" colorway is PERFECT for Mardi Gras, but CMON! Somebody tell her, PLEASE. We LIKE her, she's a friend. Friends tell eachother things like, "You've got a poppy seed in your teeth," and "your Mardi Gras Yarn isn't PGG," OK?!?!

3) Paton's Cici in Mardi Gras. This wouldn't be SO offensive (as it is a HUGE and out-of-touch company) except that they named their yarn after my dear friend, Armand's, baby girl, "Cici." SHE would take offense, so I'm taking offense...
OK, that's IT for this year. Now, get me on a doggon flight (We've been waiting 2 days already thanks to the blizzards in the Northeast this year) so I can get back to my city and my peeps...GEAUX SAINTS, and HAPPY Mardi GRAS, Y'ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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