Monday, February 22, 2010

Happy Easter, Knitters with Kids...or Knitters who are kids at heart!

Ah, February...the coldest and bleakest month of the year here in New England. Last year, in the midst of a deep seasonal affective moment I wandered into a LYS which had a sale on all their previous summer yarns. In an impulsive move, I purchased an orange ribbon yarn flecked with gold with which to make a macrame-esque tank to wear in my fantasy of approaching warm weather. I have never worn the tank. This year, in a surprisingly sane-for-February way, I purchased a bunch of my new favorite frivolous yarn...AURA (Trendsetter). I had heard rumors of it being DISCONTINUED (NOOOOOOO!!!!), and so quickly purchased an entire crayola spectrum of colors...among them this brilliant sparkling Pink. Now, I have 3 sons, and before that I had 3 brothers. I, myself, was a tomboy and went on to be a physician. I have never owned anything pink, and certainly have never KNIT anything pink. Suddenly, in the shadowy chill of February, I HAD to knit

Then the conundrum...what to make? My sons won't wear pink. All their friends are boys, who also won't wear pink. My husband, brothers, etc, won't wear pink. Even I won't wear pink! I hugged the little pink sparkly ball like a Tribble...I let my love for it flow through my fingers in an attempt to channel ANYTHING pink from my childhood memories...and then it came to me: PEEPS. Remember those ubiquitous classic American Easter candies, small rows of yellow chicks and pink bunnies lined up and closely packed in loving marshmallow rows?!? I recalled how the pink sugary coating sparkled in the Easter sunlight, giving them a magical though they had been sprinkled with fairy dust and might actually have found their way to my Easter basket on their own, bouncing on their springy marshmallow tails.

Scanning the web, I managed to find a bulky wool suitable for felting in a similarly saccharine shade of pink (Crystal Palace Yarns, ICELAND in Strawberry Pink). Holding a strand of each yarn together, I was off. I rapidly designed a giant pink PEEP. So that you might delight the little ones in your life...or maybe just find your "way back" inner child in the dark of February, I have shared my pattern HERE.

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