Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New Year's Knitting Resolutions...PATUEY!

In an episode you may recall entitled, "Drafted" (originally broadcast 12/24/1951), Lucy and Ethel surreptitiously open Ricky's mail from the government and mistake his arrangements to play a show for the troops for a Draft notice. In a scene entitled, "The Girls Take up Knitting," Lucy declares between sobs that she is going to take up knitting socks to match Ricky's uniform to show her support for her beloved husband. When Ethel suspects that George plans to go with Ricky to Fort Dix, she also takes up knitting. The two sit knitting to commiserate and the gag goes as follows: Both women agree they will have to be strong to support their great and noble husbands...and the war effort (Korea). Between strong moments and hand-holding, they alternately fall apart. Finally, Lucy admits, "who are we kidding", that she is so upset she can hardly knit a sock and holds up her handiwork for the camera...

Ethel regards the "sock" and replies, "you're beyond socks, you've gone on to blankets," to which vapid Lucy perpetuates that gag by wistfully replying that she wishes that there was more they could do to support their men than knitting TENTS.

Which got me to thinking...

I had recently read of a young woman named, Kate Pokorny, who is currently knitting a YURT in an effort to raise awareness about sustainable green ways of living. A link to her project blog can be followed HERE. Anyway, clearly this young woman came up with a dream...a larger-than-life model of crocheted wonderful wooliness...unattainable with her income, and therefore inspiring her to action. She is, to me, the model of a knitter who would make a RESOLUTION...i.e., "This year I will knit an entire YURT."

By contrast, Lucille Ball set out to knit a sock and, distracted by life's many challenges and upheavals, found herself so distracted that she kept compulsively knitting until she found herself knitting a blanket...and then a TENT.

Now, both of them ended up with a fiber-based structure in which to live...but what differs is how they got there.

So, as 2009 turned to 2010 and I sought refuge from the bitter cold in my traditional home with a fireplace, I thought long and hard about knitting resolutions and what I wanted to share with you, gentle reader...

and all I came up with is this: Know Thyself.
While resolutions work for many people and serve as a form of external inspiration when no internal source can be found, they are not for every person and not for every knitter. Personally, if I know I have to do something, I can avoid it like the plague...my skills of procrastination are imrivalled. Having attempted hand knit holiday gifts one year, I have learned that the necessity of creating gifts by a deadline crushes my every impulse to sit and knit. For this reason, therefore, I have decided to make myself no knitting resolutions...indeed no resolutions of any kind this year. In 2010...and in every preceding year, by eschewing resolutions and following my nature...and THAT has made all the difference.

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