Monday, January 25, 2010

Mardi Gras Swap II

OK, it is probably a bad thing when your swap partner (whom you've never met) elicits more squeals of delight with their swap gifts than your husband did with his over Christmas...AND they're better wrapped.
That being said...

My package arrived from my swap partner, Deborah, and I KNEW I was in for a suprise...she had individually wrapped at least 20 items and stuffed them in a box with bead, dubloons, and a king-cake baby (which was meant to be found in the stuffing...what fun!). My partner forgot nobody in my family...she included yummies to eat (from local St. Louis makers)...including Cajun spices, a cajun dip, some incredible tea and (what swap package is complete without...) chocolate!!!! The fixin's for a MG party were there, complete with streamers, a mirror-ball, plates, napkins, masks and noise-makers (the kids were thrilled!).

For my beloved puppies, she knit two terrific size-matched PGG bone-shaped dog toys:

Deborah works at a LYS in St. Louis, and one of her tremendously talented colleagues, Suzanne, crafted these incredible jewelry-cum-stitch-markers. I also got some beautiful PGG glass beads. If you're interested, try contacting her through Knitorious in St. Louis:

...and another, a fellow swapper, is a yarnie with an etsy shop called, DYEABOLICAL...she made this awesome custom-dyed silk thread for the occasion:

Finally, the piece-de-resistance...a pair of Selbuvotter (traditional Norwegian mittens) in a Bacchanalian pattern PERFECT for a chilly northeastern Mardi Gras! If every stitch in a knitting project is a labor of love, then this sure represents a LOT of very complicated LOVE!

I don't know how to thank my dear new friend, Deborah, enough for all she has given me...not only in this box, but in this Mardi Gras season - as I spend it away from my home of New Orleans in the chilly Northeast yet again. I look to her as an someone who, though she has never lived in New Orleans, has managed to carry on the spirit of the season through her indomitable spirit and her wildly non-traditional Deborah, from one Ex-"Muse" to another (true) Muse...Thank you.
Happy Mardi Gras, Y'all!

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