Friday, January 29, 2010

South End SNOOD

There once was a girl who was learning
to make that for which she was yearning.
not to expect from Hubby,
nor gifts 'neath the tree,
nor pay more than she was currently earning.

She fancied a SNOOD she'd seen pictured
at Burberry's fall runway show (fashionister),
"I can knit THAT," she said,
constructing in her head
a design to stay $325.00 richer!

Now mavens galore took the bait,
and on back-ordered lists must now wait,
she started knitting at four,
and was soon out the door,
making swanky South End party by eight.

To read about the Burberry SNOOD, read below:

Review of the Burberry Snood
October 07,
2009 by J. Rica Middlebrooks

A Scarf and Hoodie Combination
The Burberry Snood has quickly become one of the most fashionable fall and winter accessories all over the world. The stylish and functional piece services the purpose of keeping the neck warm while also providing the comfort of a hoodie. The Burberry Snood also makes a fashion statement however because the style of the neck accessory can be arranged to create a signature look with even the plainest of outfits.

The Burberry Snood is available in a variety of fabric blends, patterns and solids. For the lover of Burberry, investment in this item is a plus because it can be worn with anything during the fall and winter season. If looking for a Burberry Snood with basic colors such as black, tan, and cream an excellent choice is the Check Rendition. Made from 55% crinkle merino wool and 45 % cashmere blend the stylish snood can be layered over a slinky dress, a sweater, a shirt, a cape or anything you might want to accentuate. The Burberry Snood in Check Rendition retails for approximately $278.00.

If you are a fan of the house print or the Burberry light brown camel check so many people are familiar with the Burberry Snood in House Checkered Print is a must have. Made from 100% cashmere this Burberry Snood is deliciously luxurious and stylish. Perfect to loop around the neck when wearing high fashions jeans and boots, the tan, black, and light brown checkered accessory is a fashion piece that will never go out of style. Wear it as a neck warmer or hoodie to achieve the look of the moment. The Burberry Snood in House Print in a giant checkered pattern retails for approximately $295.00.

If you prefer a subtle look the collection of Burberry Snoods offers a deep eggplant color with black in a subtle check pattern. As with the other Burberry Snoods the unique accessory is made from a combination of 55% merino wool and 45% cashmere and need only be slipped over the head and arranged around the neck, or gently pull onto the head for a scarf hoodie effect. The Burberry Snood is definitely the fashion accessory of the season. The average retail price for the multi-colored snood is $225.00.

The Burberry Snood is also available in a variety of argyle patterns and solid colors. The Burberry Snood can be found at most high end retailers such as Macy's, Nordstrom's and Net-a-Porter in addition to the official web site for Burberry.

Follow this link to my patterns page to make your very own South End SNOOD.

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