Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Wizard Knits: The Harry Potter Exhibition

If you are anywhere near Boston and have an interest in Harry Potter (or a child with an interest), do whatever is necessary to make it to the Harry Potter travelling Exhibition at the Museum of Science. Showcasing items, props, and clothing from the movies, the immersion-style rooms are transporting... magical in displays such as the dining hall which is complete with floating candles. Even if you can't enjoy the masterful book binding techniques, or experience joy in pulling up a shrieking mandrake, as a knitter you will find plenty to amuse.

The Weasley knit afghan was a favorite. The blanket is made of 7" squares in all different non-matching colors (some unevenly striped, some solid) and then sewn together with random orientation and finally stitched on some seams with black a crazy quilt. Of course the house sweaters were there, knit with darker grey yarn in a finer gauge than the one featured in "Charmed Knits." Ron's Ragg Raglan (a pattern given in the same book) was almost spot on in it's design, although the R in reality is an applique made from a plaid tan fabric rather than the red pictured.

My favorite sweater was the sweater Ron is wearing in this shot. The neckline was funky...knit as a V which at its base is narrow, then suddenly widens it's angle midway up the neckline, and over-sewn with a worn red canvas ribbon. Love it.

The highlight of the exhibit was in Hagrid's Hut, pictured above top. Behind where the photographer stood (and so not pictured), was a bookshelf containing Hagrid's objects. Inside were his books, glasses, etc...and behind it all was......YARN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! JK Rowling seems consistent in her desire to send a message to all knitters that Hagrid knits. The yarn is a rough and rugged dark brown bulky weight handspun single-ply wool ...not dissimilar from this one. If you follow my blog you'll know I wrote a piece of fan fiction based on the one sentence in her first book which indicated that Hagrid Knits. You can read it in my archives HERE.

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