Wednesday, April 8, 2009

A Tale of Two Sweaters: Presto Chango

Here it vote for most versatile baby sweater...the "Presto Chango" sweater by Valerie Wallis at
/ This pattern is a marvel because it is gender-neutral, can be changed by simply altering the central panel (ie- made with holiday themed central panels, etc), and can be tolerate baby-blurps with ease because the entire sweater need-not be remade when the front is stained...only one small panel. I love this practical and neat design. Further, the buttonholes- daunting at first glance- are not even buttonholes, but one simple yarn-over ...providing enough of a hole for diminutive child-sized buttons. The pattern is so easy I made two in one week. The first I made with spring-themed colors made from Stella by Debbie Bliss (Aran / 10 ply Cotton, Rayon, Silk ). The buttons I chose were vintage milk-green glass purchased on Etsy. The second was made for my nephew/godson who lives in Memphis. As his father is a hunter, I used Sugar & Cream camo yarn for the central panel and found darling "Historic Rt. 66" buttons to complete the military-style jacket look. Two very different sweaters from one very simple pattern...what could be easier!

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