Thursday, February 5, 2009

Mardi Gras Yarn 2009 WALL OF SHAME

I tried really really hard not to dis' any yarn makers this year by focusing my last entry on the GOOD and appropriately labeled Mardi Gras yarns...but I have reached my limit...the serenity meter has been tripped and I feel compelled to once again publish the "Mardi Gras" yarn WALL OF SHAME!!!! This year there are even more of these misnomers designed to steer your browser off track as you search for PURPLE-GREEN-and-GOLD yarn with which to craft. Now I'm not saying that the yard is's not, it's actually lovely yarn...but calling it "Mardi Gras" in America is just plain wrong. In New Orleans we are so particular that we turn our noses up if the SHADE of purple isn't "K&B" purple! Anyhow, back by popular demand and the rules of decorum, is my compendium of the worst offenders:

Offenders List:

Chugiak, Austermann Sock yarn x 2, Lisa Souza, Colinette Jitterbug, Colinette 5ply, Colinette Banyan, Denali, Loopy Ewe, Connecticut Yarn & Wool, Linda's Craftique, Colinette One Zerp, OYT Sock Yarn, and Pagewood Farm. "We love you...we just want you to change."

1. Addendum #1- Last year's sole yarn find was at LLBSupplies on Etsy...and she is still making her great handspun "Mardi Gras."

2. 7letterDeborah informs me that Panda Cotton in the Mardi Gras colorway may have been discontinued, so get it while you can!

3. There are many more good yarns with mardi gras colors (my personal favorite is Blue Ridge Yarns sock yarn in "Sunset") peeve is regarding the appropriate use of the name, "Mardi Gras" for yarn.

4. If you are on Ravelry, join the fun with the Mardi Gras group!

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