Thursday, January 29, 2009

Mardi Gras Yarn II: 2009

A year has passed and my blood pressure has subsided and I'm ready to write another blog entry about Mardi Gras yarns. As you know, I lived in New Orleans for 15 years and moved to New England post-Katrina. When I was searching for "Mardi Gras" yarns I was dismayed by my search results....nothing but pathetic multicolor schmutz lame excuses for "carnival" themed yarn. In America, we expect tradition...traditional colors of PURPLE, GREEN, and meaningful to us as the colors of our national flag's RED, WHITE, and BLUE. Over the past year I have had many writers keeping the faith telling me that I should not lose hope, and some have even sent me photos to prove I will share those yarns with you to help both of us keep hope alive that there will eventually be a movement to make Mardi Gras a national holiday and make purple/green/and gold the official national colors of that holiday. F0rce your yarn companies to recognize the legitimacy of purple/green/and gold...these colors DO NOT CLASH! As evidence, my list has grown from 1 in 2008 to THREE in 2009...

My 2009 recommendations are the following THREE yarns:

1) Panda cotton by Crystal Palace Yarns in "mardigras 9667"

2) art.Mosaica, by Paolo Scettri

3) Diva, "Mardi Gras" by Swedish Yarn Imports

Throw me somethin' mista!

ADDENDUM (2/9/2009): I can no longer endorse #3 Diva Mardi Gras...the purple is really just too pink...

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