Monday, January 12, 2009

Fleur-de-lis Endpaper Mitts for a Paper Artist

This is Jenn. Jenn has cold fingers. Even when making her art indoors in her fabulous studio, her hands are cold. Jenn is also a good friend of mine who is very adept at dropping hints.

All these factoids together made deciding what to make for Jenn this Christmas very easy. I knew I needed to make her artsy-looking fingerless gloves...something she could wear even in a suit while at conferences. A quick pattern perusal on Ravelry let me to this: "Endpaper Mitts." This surprisingly easy pattern was created by Eunny Jang and is available FOR FREE on her fabulous website, See Eunny Knit! If this name sounds familiar, think Interweave Knits...editor.

Endpapers/Endsheets are those beautiful hand marbled or hand printed papers which used to cover the attachment of the pages of a book to the leather cover. So, as Jenn is a professional scrapbook artist/paper artist, what could be more appropriate than a pattern design based on a paper design?!?

I used Cherry Tree Hill Possum Paints in amethyst...a super-soft gentian-blue yarn which is so intensely dyed that it nearly glows, and doubled Rowan 4ply soft (shade 298) for contrast. Loved the tubular cast on AND the tubular (k1p1) cast off as they gave a very professional finish.

Check out Jenn Mason working with her (warm) hands on glorious pieces of art on her Website, her Blog...OR, pick up any of her many books available on

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