Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Maine Yarn II: Romney Ridge Farm

This little beauty is Katie. She is a Babydoll sheep, and though Kelly -the owner of Romney Ridge Farm- is a purveyor of both fine yarn AND fine sheep, Katie is NOT for sale. Let me repeat that...she is NOT for sale. The reason this darling is not for sale is that Kelly (her owner) raised her like a baby...on her lap drinking from bottles. Kelly's philosophy is that good yarn comes from happy sheep and so, she has devoted her life to raising happy well-loved sheep...and it shows. In addition to devoted husbandry, she also donates time to the Lincoln County Animal Shelter AND to the local agri-business council to encourage humane and no-kill farming strategies.

I visited her farm unannounced in August while staying in nearby Damariscotta. While my friend, Elizabeth (a new knitting convert), and I salivated in the yarn stand, our assemblage of 5 boys interacted with the sheep and goats...and enjoyed playing with her son on his swings.
For an interesting read, head to Kelly's blog HERE. It is particularly fun to read about raising Katie...start in the archives around June of 2008. Should you be interested in purchasing any of her special sheep hybrids (Romney (for long fiber length), Correidale, and Babydoll Southdown (for cashmere-like-softness and thickness) or custom blended yarns, it can all be done online at the farm's WEBSITE.

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