Monday, September 15, 2008

Twilight Knitting Swap: Part II

...So the incredible thing is that my swap partner has never even SEEN my house. Today I received my package from Megdoula (aka Juniper) and am absolutely blown away. As you can tell, she is an artist...and by looking at her creation I would venture to say strongly sculptural. I have to confess, I have never seen anything quite like this. My first thought was that it resembles a lotus and appeals to my interest in Buddhism. As it turns out, this fascinating creation is a "Trifold Knitter's Bowl" and is designed by fiber artist Cat Bordhi. At her website you can observe first hand Cat's interest in magical Escher-like twisted and sculpural knits...absolutely unique! This bowl is meant to hold yarn in the middle and all a knitter's tools in the storage spaces around the edge. Megdoula's interpretation of the bowl is, I think, especially nice as she used the earthy amber color (of Edward's eyes) and the bright floral red (recalling the red eyes of the hungry newborns). And, the marvel is that, without even knowing what my table looks like, she matched the look perfectly: The wonderful bowl arrived with each magical "petal" stuffed full with another exciting and thoughtful goody. In the central compartment was the yarn for the small project with a pattern...a carefully chosen and Twilight-inspired apple shaped tea cozy.

To drink in my fashionably- insulated teapot, Megdoula, sent some custom blended tea made from Blood orange...get it?...BLOOD orange :-) I love a good sense of humor.

I knew Megdoula has a pretty good sense of my likes and dislikes when she included a darling vintage teacup and saucer/cookie plate (if you've read my blog, you'll doubtless know my fascination with Brimfield, historical finds, and flea-markets)...and here's the inspired part...shaped like an apple.

Megdoula's stitch markers are "to DIE for"...lovely and delicate and crafted with amber beads (again, recalling Edward's eyes) and finished off with (my personal favorite element...) small red petrified droplets of blood. The copper rings were a nice touch, too...they work so nicely with the bead colors.

For my children Megdoula included some hilarious gummy fangs and a vampire stamp. She also sent snacks for all of us...yummy popcorn treats (a favorite of mine) from a local market. Lastly, I have to mention a personal favorite...a precious pair of Victorian-style scissors in the most gorgeous BLOOD red! Edward himself probably had a similar pair in his youth.
I will spend countless nights wondering how Megdoula made this fantastical creation, and feeling lucky that she chose to bestow it upon me. This was a truly inspired package. Thank you, Megdoula, from the bottom of my non-beating cold, cold heart (maybe that tea will warm it up).

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