Monday, September 29, 2008

Mrs. Beetons: Part I - Twilight-inspired

Mrs. Beetons were designed by Brenda Dayne to be 1) reminiscent of Victorian romance in dress and 2) embody the virtues espoused by British Lifestylist, Mrs. Beeton of economy and frugality. To that end, these lovely little wristwarmers can be made with such a small amount of yarn that even half a skein of most yarns will do. They are so quick to knit that I can finish a pair in a day. Even if I never wear mine, I adore just having them ...because holding them and sliding them over my weary-housewife hands makes me feel enchanting.

While knitting this pair of Mrs. Beetons, it dawned on me that in these colors, they are perfect for Twilight aficionados. The colors mirror the scheme of the book covers, the Victorian theme would suit the tastes of the Vampires, and finally...the color of Rowan Kidsilk Haze is "blood." Though she has not yet read the Stephanie Myer Twilight series, this pair is destined to be a gift for one of my dear friends as the colors and flounciness so perfectly suit her.
ps-Thanks, Jenn, for having such lovely...and available...hands!

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