Sunday, September 21, 2008

Felting: Shrinky-Dinks for Grown-Ups

This week I worked on a felted project. I rarely felt. I intensely dislike spending days knitting, only to throw said object into a laundry machine only to find that the sizing was wrong, or that not all yarns felt alike, or that it shrunk unpredictably disproportionately in one direction. Unlike standard knitting, where everything can be frogged and reworked without sacrificing work up to the critical error, felting projected must be entirely scrapped following unsatisfactory reemergence from the washing machine.

However, motivated by the desire to start my holiday gifts, and having found the PERFECT pattern for a friend (albeit felted), I undertook - with great trepidation- a large felted project. To my unprecedented surprise, it was (for once) a great success!! At long last I am experiencing the bliss that my felting-friends rave about! My floppy knit bag was deposited in the washing machine and...VOILA...upon opening, it emerged, born again a tight and smaller version...almost unrecognizable as itself! I squealed! At last, I understand the joys of felting...

...AND I was struck with a familiar feeling from my own childhood...something I had shared with my own children not long hence... OF was SHRINKY DINKS!!! Felting holds the same joys, and sorrows, as shrinky dinks for children - but for ADULTS. Now I get it.

Anyhow, the inspiration for the bag is from Vogue Knitting: Felting and is called Plaid Bag: Falling Leaves. Great designer...I love the plaid and the preppy/New England/Autumnal idea this blog is devoted to my experience as an urban child-raising Mom, I'll share my rendering of this wonderful bag...interpreted for the contemporary city knitter.

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