Saturday, May 3, 2008

Martha's Vinyard Fiber Fest

The subtitle of my blog is "Knitting, and bringing loveliness to the task of raising boys in urban America," and last weeks visit to Martha's Vineyard for the Fiber Fest provided a touchstone in the quest for both goals. Martha’s Vineyard Fiber Farm is the 1st CSA (community supported agriculture) that is fiber based. This farm belongs to Susan Gibbs and her family and is located on the New England island of Martha's Vineyard.
My knitting mentor and friend, Jodi Colella, invited me to join the Ravelry group entitled MVFF-CSA Groupies, and in so doing set off a cascade of events which have led to ME (Urban Overextended Mom) owning a farm share. We spent the preceding month watching the baby lambs/goat being birthed on the farm blog, and under extreme duress I agreed to bring my children to see the babies on the farm. On April 19th I brought my family to the spring shearing event at the farm, and was overwhelmed by the experience. I can't decide what I like best about the venture...the aphrodisiac-quality yarn, the idyllic setting of the farm on the island, the knowledge that by owning a share I am supporting a bold new venture run by a terrific woman with great business acumen, that I am reducing my carbon footprint by buying yarn produced within my state, that my children gained an education about production of fabric from its agricultural roots, or the wonderful people I met at the event. I will share a few of my favorite photos because it's my blog and I can if I want to...

The Sheep and Goats:

The Boy's Education in Creating yarn: Fun for grown-ups, too:

My youngest's softest stuffed animal...his alpaca bear...and the smile that made the whole trip worthwhile:

Should you wish to have a piece of this heaven, you can shop for yarn or shares on Etsy.

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Jenn said...

I must see this new bear! And oh, how I wish I could have been with you. I've been dying to take the girls to see sheep shearing, spinning, etc since we started reading Mr. Brown Shears His Sheep years ago. Have you read it? Please let me know if you go again!